Web security PENTEST

To improve the security of a website, there are different approaches and methods implemented depending on the situation.
they are generally characterized under two large sets that are the white box pentesting and the black box pentesting

at uptechsol we offer a blackbox pentesting service that consists to put in the skin of a hacker who tries to take control of your website or your corporate computer network.
In this case, the objective is to find the security holes in your websites or computer networks and correct them before malicious hackers can find them and compromise the security of your data.

the initial phase of a penetration test is to enumerate the information on your company available to public,
 that can be obtained on search engines, on social networks, employees (without their knowledge or cunning), your servers from your systems, files etc.
Cross-checks and analysis can be used to identify theoretical vulnerabilities that may allow hackers to enter your systems in order to take control of them.

Then a phase of exploitation which makes it possible to validate one by one the faults enumerated in the preceding phase. so that you have a detailed understanding of the state of security of your networks and web applications

then a phase of propagation of the accesses obtained by the preceding phase this time in the internal network as in the way of hackers. and we will then enumerate the possibilities of maintaining this access.

take note that this is only a brief overview of a general approach. each company has its own challenges in terms of security. We will not list here all the services offered by wpelites.
it will be necessary to discuss with our specialties for detailed information that if it is about training for your employees that of problematic post compromise we offer a range of specific solutions to the security network.



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